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Dentist Approved and ‘Meet the Party Animals!’

No cavities!

No cavities!
No cavities!

My teeth are approved for travel over the next six months! I never realised now funny it is having people staring right at you so closely.  But like they said… they take their job seriously… yeah, i was cracking up.

No Cavities!

Fluoride and away I go!

We had Channel Seven’s Christmas party (or as I like to call it, my farewell)  and since we’re the most respected department at Seven, we thought it was best to dress just like it… Animals.  Party Animals. We were a hit!

IMG_5939IMG_5941 IMG_5944 IMG_5943 IMG_5942525888_10151186115513315_1662350722_n 227178_10151389895451554_1518177143_n

Pepsi was a sponsor of the event and somehow I managed to win a slab of Pepsi Cans!


Had a slight casualty though…


I actually killed three cans – one at work went everywhere (but we’re not telling the work people that there’s not a sticky patch in the office) and these two out front of my place… figured it was too good of an epic fail not to take a piccie – since it really looked like a Red panda stole a slab of Pepsi.  🙂

I rode home on my scooter as a Red Panda!


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