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Scaring the crap out of kids, one Santa at a time…

Have you ever noticed all the stuff out there that can scare the crap out of kids these days?

Take Santa for example.  Poor kids are forced by their parents to sit on some weird old smelly guy’s lap.  I was horrified (still am)  and bet you were too!

Well, I found a bunch of weird crap while walking around Sydney today.

Imagine being five and driving by this:


Santa – hanging on for dear life… within an inch of his life… the wind blowing.. he could fall off at any moment.  Then, you speed by and you dont see anymore.. you dont know if the poor old guy lived or died!  WTF.

Or what about this one.


I think that this is a bit risqué.  Santa doing his best Marilyn Monroe.  I was expecting to hear “Happy Birthday Mr President” music to be pumping out of the building while walking by.  No such luck.  It’s Australia.  🙂

I did find something just as Scary but not Christmas related…


We’re being invaded by American food one nasty restaurant at a time. Take Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville – now don’t get me wrong – I’m a big Buffet fan – i love his music – it’s fun!  But, I do not approve of this little shindig.  No way.  Not anyway.  Let me explain.

Australians – do not know who Jimmy Buffett is.  I don’t care how hard you try to explain.  They have never heard of the guy.  They’ve never heard the music… they don’t know.. and they don’t care.  They just don’t.  End of story.  Now, this Jimmy person and his restaurant.  Yeah. Australians are not into gimmicks.  They don’t care about these fad places that are painted brightly coloured or American food for that matter… now.. you know who do… Americans… I rekon you guys were smart.. You put a little slice of American Key Lime Pie (yet another thing Aussies dont have a clue about) in the middle of Darling Harbour and prey on this unsuspecting tourists. Clap…… Clap…. Clap….. well played.

Anyway, I found one last thing that I thought that is a bit scary to all.  This was in Glebe tonight.


Ya see that?  That’s an electrical hazard – but don’t worry – all that tape and stuff… yeah, that will stop you from touching, poking… looking or even getting electrocuted.  Awesome. I love Australia and how relaxed we are at things that can kill you!  🙂

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

2 thoughts on “Scaring the crap out of kids, one Santa at a time… Leave a comment

  1. I really don’t know why parents force their, obviously scared witless, children to have their picture taken with Santa. How does that make for a good photo? Speaking of Jimmy Buffet, funny coincidence that his birthday is Christmas Day!

    • yeah, it’s like a form of child abuse. well, the way i see it – how my parents put me though years of torture until i was 23.. and then i put my foot down… but it was still a shit fight to NOT get the photo.

      My poor kids will be begging to go.. and i wont take them.. just say “go ask your father” 🙂

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