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Toilet Traveling.

Behind the wheel

Well, you certainly come across a whole bunch of interesting things when you’re traveling.  I find that toilets are hotspots of things you never knew existed.


This is a personal favourite – if you happen to need a fix while traveling though the middle of nowhere… never fear, here’s a place you can discard of your used needle.


This one baffles the mind – normally, I play tic tac toe with a partner, but it from past experience, toilet escapades are normally for one person.  So, either it was one person with two personalities playing one game, or two people doing their business in one toilet.

Who knows…


who would name their kid kinky?

toilet in the middle of nowhere

And, well how can you pass up a little oasis in the middle of the Hay Plains like this?  After driving a few hundred K, you come across something like this – it’s almost out of a dream… it’s flat out there so you can pretty much see it for about 20k, and it’s pretty – nice bush, a walk way… it really is an oasis… but you need to be careful – not many people stop here… because it’s in the middle of nowhwere… so I’ve gotten into a habit of checking under the toilet seat with my foot every time.

Just kick the seat up just to make sure nothing is hiding under the seat so you don’t get an interesting surprise like this one.

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. Tara, I had forgotten how really creative you are. And adventuresome too. If I get up enough nerve I shall go to Australia as well. Sorry I didn’t send you a Christmas card. I didn’t have your address. Do they deliver snail-mail in Australia?

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