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Adventures in flat fields

I’ll admit.  When I travel, I get a bit ambitious. I look at the destination and justify in my head whether or not I think i can make it in an appropriate amount of time. Nine times out of 10, I overshoot it and then get frustrated that I didn’t reach my destination.

But, I frickin impressed myself!

Driving from Sydney South Australia, there’s a lot of this…


And this…

more fields

and a lot of this too…

more fields

See where I’m going?

Yeah, so naturally.. it’s a bit boring.. but I’m not sure if it’s some sort of magical trance or I was abducted by aliens that somehow speed up the traveling process.. but I ended up here in no time…

Hells Gate

Welcome to Hells gate.  This is a few hours outside of Hay – my destination that I wanted to stop at at least..  That record was smashed in no time.. and we kept going and going… basically down a paved road that you could curl up and take a nice nap on – since we didnt see a car pass for over an hour.

Here’s a shot of ‘nothing’ in the other direction. (don’t tell dad that i’m lying in the middle of the road)

nothing in either direction

So we made it to Mildura –

Ah Mildura – a few friends of mine went on a rescue mission to save a friend from fruit picking there… and their car blew up, so we had a bit of a moment of silence and chuckle that we in fact made it there in one piece 1020k’s from Sydney.

Then, Victoria.. .

And.. South Australia… that’s when we called it quits… and had a nice snooze travelers style in Renmark!

South Australia boarder

so, it’s safe to say that you can cover three states in a day…

stay tuned for part two…

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