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Snowtown – the innocent bystander

Ever heard of Snowtown?


Here’s a tip.  Don’t mention it in front of a South Australian.  It’s got a major bad rep probably because a couple of Psychopaths thought it would be ‘smart’ to store twelve dead bodies in barrels of acid at the bank vault.  Personally, it’s not one of my major locations to store even one dead body let alone twelve, I mean, we just drove though heaps of flatness and vastness of Australia – surely there are incredible places you could probably store/discard them without anyone knowing.. but i digress.

Welcome to Snowtown.. population:  405 – give or take 12 (sorry i had to go there).


It’s a bit of an Aussie legend for those who aren’t South Australian or living there.. it’s  a quiet town… with a pub, post office, wind farm blade and a toilet block – popular with tourists like myself… and diagonally across the street sits the infamous bank.

The Bank

It doesn’t look like the bank has changed much over the years, though all reference to which bank it was has been carefully removed.  It looks very drab and dreary and is easy to spot that it’s not a favourite among the locals. (not the drab one on the left, but on the right)

Just meters away is a lovely park with roses

down from the bank

– and across from that, an effort of town pride – painting cute farm animals on the toilet block

town pride town pride

(though, their artistic impression of a kangaroo is quite shocking)

Toilet Block

But art aside…

It seemed that everyone there was there just to see one thing.  The Bank.  Everyone looks pretty seedy – they were all tourists and all facing the bank, having a look… interesting really.  You kinda felt like you should hide the fact that you’re there JUST to see how the heck someone could get twelve bodies in a bank vault.  It’s pretty small…

But that brings me to this – Snowtown is just the little innocent bystander.  It wasn’t it’s fault that it was chosen as one of many locations to store the bodies… it was just a shame that it’s has been given such a bad rap because of it.

I guess my idiotic advice would be – embrace it.  Yes, it happened… but maybe they should turn the Vault into a historic landmark that explained what happened… Then, the town is less likely to get people like me walking around looking seedy taking stealth photos. And then, there’s less chance to get graffiti like this.

But in the same respect, they do have great landmarks like this – the giant windfarm blade!

the windfarm blade

So, they are trying.

If you’d like to read more about the Snowtown Muders – it’s quite an interesting read – it’s kinda like a horror movie, there’s twists and turns and it reads like that on Wiki.  These murders have been rivalled up there to Ivan Maliat style in gruesome.

The movie trailer

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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