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All signs point to….

Oh the fun dangerous things you find in Australia!

You're gonna blow up

Is it wrong to seriously want to go explore behind the fence?

Is it bad to have a little chuckle about watching Skippy hop along and then BOOM he blow’s up?  Surely, it’s happened before….

Yesterday, I found some more interesting stuff…

Like, what’s your interpratation of this sign?

invisible pants?

I’ve got a few ideas..

  • Invisible pants
  • Free floating head torso, and legs
  • Genitalia dissolving water

But seriously, what’s the true meaning of that sign…

Dangerous water? Shallow?  Aren’t these signs supposed to be easily interpreted?

??I didn’t get this one either, but it looked super interesting – like it could be some futuristic graffiti.  It’s tape rather than spray paint.  Kinda cool.

Another sign that is true blue Aussie is this one:

footwear must be worn

I seriously cant remember the last time I wore closed toe shoes… but here in Australia, thongs (or for you foreign folk sandals) are quite acceptable.

my ugly feet

I happened to find one out of two Aussie ships that still exists as museums in All of Australia -50 were made in all and this one was Made in Whyalla – hence the name HMAS Whyalla.

HMAS WHYALLA - minesweeper

This badboy (or girl as they lovingly refer to it on the tour) is a minesweeper – it’s got a flat bottom which makes for sooo much fun if you’re one of those people who gets super seasick.  It dips 45 degrees – 45 degrees!  THAT’S HUGE.  That’s like you’re gonna fall out if you’re on the main deck… 45 degrees is the tree line…

Here’s another look from above..

45 degrees!

So, a lot of the crewmen stayed below deck – okay, this got me.  They’ve had 150 men on this boat – max is 80… and there’s not even enough room for 30 men!

A lot of the guys had to sleep in the recreation hall…

the recreation hall

… and a lot of guys were playing cards, talking… whatever… so getting sleep was pretty tough.  The hammocks had a one in, one out policy… As soon as one man left the hammock, another guy filled it.

the bed

Well, not by choice – but by necessity.

As a bonus, there’s a cute little model railway exhibit!

model railway

It’s super cute which is probably not the correct description of it.  But, it’s completely unexpected. When I went out back to the museum, i expected WWII exhibits, but they had this too!  Hours upon hours must have gone into this!

model railway

This is a representation of the transportation between iron mines and the One Steel processing plant.

There’s much more information here:

taraustralis View All

An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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