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The locals.

I’ve been debating on whether or not to write about this… but, here it goes…

So yesterday, I went down to the beach – it was cool… really cool.  You could walk about one kilometre out on the sand dune until the water turned into a deeper shade of blue.. So, as any tourist would do, I went for a walk.  There were a few people out there – but I mean, they’re way far away from each other.

mega sand dune

This is a shot of the actual edge of the water… meaning, you’re looking at the cafe, the waterfront – one kilometre away.  Basically, if the tide comes in, I’m screwed.

Now, I could hear a bunch of other tourists cheering in the distance while crabbing for blue crabs… I knew they were tourists because they had massive hats, and were carrying beer.  The thing about Whyalla is, it’s so frickin windy, that you cant wear super cool big hats – so rookie mistake there, but they were having an awesome time…

While watching their ‘thump on the ground’ technique.. and then chase the crab without spilling their beer… I, too, had an interesting encounter with a blue crab.

blue crabCheck out this bad boy… he’s there.. just look carefully.  He’s got his magical arms all out ready to unleash his magical crabby powers at me!  Seriously, just walking along.. and bang.. arms out and ready to kick some arse!  So, I did the whole.. ‘easy buddy… I’m just trying to take your photo without dropping my phone in the water.’

And, while taking a photo… an aboriginal man finally caught up to me. He didn’t say much and actually I don’t think he spoke English.  I said hello.  He reached out to shake my hand.. and I obliged. Then, I couldn’t believe my eyes… he turned slightly to the right and started to touch himself int he most inappropriate manner – if you catch my drift. Yep.  Right there… just going for it though his swimmers which really happen to be his Bonds underwear.  I was stunned.

I had an incident the other day on the pier where a little aboriginal girl asked me if I had a ‘big pussy’ – you can read about it HERE – Now, I’m starting to think that my ears weren’t failing me that this really did happen, that maybe something is going on in this town – something I’m just not used to.

So, while the man was touching himself… I did the only thing I could think of and say “good bye” and walk back to where I parked… which was a bit far away.  I felt safe, because I was in the middle of nowhere and there were people around in case something did happen… but I should as heck would have to scream like a banshee because they were so darn far away…

Now next what happened is this… When I finally got to the car about 30 mins later, he was walking with another aboriginal man that he must have found on the dune – there were probably less than five minutes behind me and were walking toward the car.  I quickly put it in gear and drove home…

I do understand that these things happen.  I guess, my advice to anyone that this may happen to is stay safe… check out your surroundings. Try not to make anyone mad and keep your wits and just walk away and get out of these sooner than later.

A lot of these travel blogs are about all the awesome fun experiences we have.. but I think it’s good to embrace the good as well as the bad.  Everyone can learn from it.

If you would like to add any tips, tricks or suggestions to combat such experiences as the one I’ve just had.. please leave your comment.  Sure, there’s a bunch of would have, should have, could have.. but I did what I thought was right at the time…

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