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Pissed off person pens letter to Adelaide parking inspectors

Dear Adelaide Parking Inspectors,

On January 5th, it was a great day for a drive, wasn’t it!  The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the weather was absolutely fantastic – Adelaide was beautiful!

It’s my very first time in Adelaide – ever – and I must hand it to you, I’ve never had such a warm welcome before!

Not long after I parked my car in front of the Mantra Hotel on Hindmarsh Square I had a “Welcome to Adelaide hope you stay long but not too long because he’s your parking ticket” ticket.


That didn’t take very long… It wasn’t past five minutes and I was contemplating the whole “who shot JFK – how the hell did I get this ticket scenario”  Where was the guy? Was he hiding behind a tree on the grassy knoll or hiding out in the book depot – or was there a third parking inspector?  But, that brings me to my next point.

who shot JFK?

Perhaps you guys have the concierge at the Mantra working as a ‘Deep Throat’ tipping off your inspector.  That would explain a lot… You’re, then, able to issue more tickets to unassuming tourists like myself.




Well played, Adelaide, Well played.

It makes perfect sense.

Me – Could I please have my car parked in the underground?

Concierge – Sure, not a problem, I’ll just need your key and, I’ll take care of that straight away!

And poof! He was gone! Car keys and all.  Now, I’m starting to think that perhaps when “Jeeves” disappeared to move my car, he conveniently saw the perfect opportunity to take a smoko and SMS his parking inspector friend.

I should have known.

In conclusion, I’m a big believer in karma – what goes around comes around – but I’m a bit dumbfounded as to how I am the receiver this parking fine.  I dont cheat on my taxes, I’ve always looked after little old ladies crossing the street and in my sixteen years of driving I have not once received a parking ticket.  I’ve never been pulled over by the police for speeding.  And I have never been in a car accident (knock on wood) so why out of the 1.3 million people who live, work and visit Adelaide, South Australia, why am i chosen as the ‘lucky recipient’ of such a prestigious award?

As the US President Richard Nixon one said “I am not a crook” and I hope your organization isn’t one either…

Tricky Dick

Sincerely yours,


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