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The easiest way to lose your finger!

Just the other day, we heard that there was a Great White Shark patrolling the local jetty, so we did like any other sensible person would do… and went crabbin!

Crabbing off the jetty is kinda like an Australian sport – there’s a lot of repetitive action and beer involved. Both of these things are true blue Aussie past times and mixed together with a bit of commentating would be an incredible sport on ESPN!  I can see it now, seriously, if they have poker as a sport on ESPN, surely, they’d have competitive crabbing… but i digress…

We went crabbing a few weeks earlier down at the jetty, but this time, we wanted to “up the ante” a bit.  We decided on doing some hand crabbing!

This involves swimming as fast as you can kick and scanning the area – this shocks an unsuspecting crab who’s just out for a walk… (or whatever you would call it since they do have six legs and two arms?) and then bang, their crabby arms go out and they turn into magical wizard crab!


I’m sure that they put their arms out only to look bigger, but it’s way more fun if crabs did have magical powers instead!

So now you’re asking, Tara…. I’ve got the crab wizard standing in front of me.. how the heck do i catch em?

Okay, now if you’re not too puffed from all the kicking – the best thing to do is to make yourself invisible.


But Tara, I don’t have magical powers like Mr. Crabby!  No problem!  You just need to kick up a bit of sand in front of him so he cant see you – then, you want to grab crabby from the back then his claws cant grab you and you’ll keep your fingers intact!

If you do get grabbed, the best thing you can do is put your hand back into the water.. if you pull it out and start waving it around, it’s safe to say that Crabbyman is gonna hold on even longer because he’s gonna freak out  just like a “crab out of water”… so just put him in and he’ll scurry away.

Also, here’s a few seconds of the sunset we saw that night.  Enjoy.

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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