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Dont make a hostel, a hostile enviroment

I’m a huge fan of the ‘hostel way of travel’ – I’ve stayed in heaps of places around the world and many are amazing, like this one place in Paris, France.

Lhe Louvre Pyramid

Hotel Oops!  is off Les Goblins – super close to everything, but with character to boot!

Hotel Oops!  Paris, France

Sadly, I cant claim this place as my own personal find because my travel buddy found this beauty.  Besides the normal hostel crap that you have to go though…. meaning, not knowing who’s taken which bed and so on because they’re not marked, it was a really amazing place!!!

Here’s a piccie of the toilet – note the  french doors that you can open when you’re having a ‘rest!’

Hotel Bathroom and French Doors

And the view – is to die for – you can see the Eiffel tower and the rest of Paris right while you’re doing your ‘thing!’

Paris Toilet ViewOkay, I’m a bit off topic, because this blog is about Australian travel -but, I just wanted to share that fun bit!

Here’s my beef..

There’s “Hostel codes of conduct” that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Most of the code is just common sense, but it seems that there are a few travellers out there (perhaps you’re one of them) that forgets… or just doesn’t give a shit (and, perhaps you’re one of them)!

So, here’s a few friendly tips to remember while you’re sharing a 5metre by 4 metre room while on your amazing adventure around the world!

  1. Plan a travel day.  I found the easiest, least stressful way to tavel to to have one day dedicated just to it.  Then, then there’s no rush – everyone’s more relaxed, and if a disaster does happen, you’re more prepared for it.  If trains, busses or planes are delayed, no biggie – you’re Zen!
  2. Before going to bed, unpack.  This doesn’t mean unpack at 11pm when everyone is in the room sleeping – be considerate – use the travel day to get yourself sorted.  You’ll be glad you did, and you’ll keep your doorm friends happy at the same time.

Get Setup!

  1. Dont use crunchy plastic bags – EVER.  There’s nothing worse than waking up at 4:30 because some idiot needs to catch a plane at 6am, and has packed all their toiletries in a bag that sounds like you’re muching on a giant bag of potato chips.  It’s just inconsiderate, wrong, annoying, crap… and lazy!  I’m sorry, Mr. Crunchy Bag Man, I have absolutely no patience for you, especially at some unforeseen hour.  Use a soft green bag!

pack your bathroom bag

  1. No one likes a whisperer.  Before asking a friend you’re travelling with a question at 6am, ask yourself if it’s that important that i need to ask.. if so, go for a while down the hall, toilet area or common room… If you talk in the room, it’s just annoying – because we’re all trying to understand what you’re saying because you woke us up and we’re really struggling to understand… or the other half of us just doesn’t care….
  2. Dont talk on the phone in the hallway.  Go to the common area, that’s what they are for.  I don’t want to know who you shagged last night and how many pints you had before you puked.
  3. Introduce yourself.  You’re all in this together.  You’re all here for pretty much for the same reason.  Be friendly, it makes traveling a lot more fun and if you have a question, just ask!  🙂

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. Good rules there! I once stayed in a hostel dorm in Paris that had a wakeup call option. I didn’t think much of it until at about 4am the phone started ringing and kept ringing every half hour or so until around 8 waking people up. How stupid is that?

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