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The Birds.

While traveling around Australia, I can pretty much a guarantee three things:

  1. Vast open roads
  2. Weird stuff in empty towns
  3. Things that will kill you

There’s no question you wont find this stuff…  and,  lot of the time, you’ll have all three combined together, like a trip to Crocodile Gorge yesterday!

humble death sign

Ah, the humble crash marker.  You’ll find these all over Australia basically warning you to ‘slow down.’  Everyone speeds because it’s flat and it’s straight, but what drivers fail to realise that you shouldn’t read books or e mails while driving and there’s actual ‘wildlife’ that live in the area.  You might come across a kangaroo, emu, snakes, birds, lizards or even a few sheep… we pretty much come across everything daily.

We arrived in an extremely small town called Wilmington, South Australia.

WilmingtonIt was a public holiday, so it was completely and utterly a set for a horror film.  We turned around and thousands of parrots appeared in the sky.

the birdsThey were flying everywhere.

more birds

It was like the Hitchcock film “The Birds” – but with a lot less people because there was only two of us.

Then, we came across a few more things… like this homemade bush rocket.  (yep, we’re still in the same town as the birds) I’m thinking a lot of free time…

homemade rocket

misty mountainJust past misty mountain is crocodile gorge, but on the way, we found another cute sign…

cute sign

And this is Crocodile Gorge – it doesn’t have crocodiles. But, it’s probably the only place that ever rains in South Australia.  The wind whipped right up, the sky turned cloudy and cold.. and the the heavens opened up – it’s the first time I’ve seen rain in a month and it was very welcoming!  What a view!

Crocodile GorgeReturning back to our South Australian home base, we came across another piece of bush art.  It takes up most of the front yard, so it cuts down on mowing the grass.. which is always good!  Stay classy, Port Augusta!


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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. Hi there, cute post, I had a great chuckle session over the ‘bush art’, South Australia houses many eccentrics although you’ll be hard pressed to find nicer people – just a small correction, it’s Alligator Gorge rather than Crocodile Gorge, but there are still no Alligators 🙂

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