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Terrible name, stunning views!

It started out to be a bit of a random morning when we stopped by the local Port Lincoln Dive shop and saw this beauty.  I’d normally say “Kids, ask your parents”  but rather ask yourself the question, why would they use a mask like this underwater?

SCUBA Mask? And, then it got a bit more random with a hundreds of shoes in a tree en-route to the town of Cummins.  We’re heading to the Five Loaves Bakery.


Pretty interesting find – and I’ve been looking through the internet for an explanation, but none to be had, so if you know what it’s all about – leave a comment below!  more shoesWe arrived in Cummins for a bit of lunch and to sample the Eyre Peninsula’s finest Vanilla Slice (a hot-tip from one of our readers) and it was amazing!



Vanilla SliceBut, not to be bias, we also went for the Carmel Slice.

Carmel SliceBoth were knockouts!  The bakery is great!  They’ve got fresh, homemade breads – one lovingly called “The Great White” – we are in the Great White Capital after all!

Now, the only logical thing to do after a few thousands of calories consumed… go for a bit of a walk around Coffin Bay National Park.  Terrible name but with stunning views!

Coffin Bay National Park

We were standing around the blue marker but did explore the whole area.

Coffin Bay

And, we found an amazing beach – it had a pretty steep decline to the water – made for a pretty shot!

Sandy walkBut, the real reason why I’m down there?

makin friendsI’m makin’ friends with the locals!

makin friendsNaturally, I was standing face to face with a killer.

If you’ve seen Jurassic Park, you kinda have a bit of an idea.

But, When you get close to them, they stand up on their tail and with their middle toe (which looks like a velociraptor killing claw) They strike at you ripping a clean cut to your abdomen in both directions where your intestines then fall out onto the ground.  Pretty vicious little creatures for the amount of cuteness they ooze out.  You’re asking, “Seriously?”  I say HELL YEAH!  This is Australia, if the weather, land or locals wont kill you (refer to Snowtown) then the Animals will!

EMUHere’s another suspect with big claws – if you just look at them the wrong way, you’re a goner!

safe distance

We found this to be the best way to take a photo of Emu’s from a safe distance. (Makeshift Aussie Safari)

wowThink about it, when you have views like this – one can understand what they’re protecting!  This is an un-photoshopped image.  WOW.  Incredible.

BeautifulWe also found a few other things.

half eaten sharkHere’s a partially eaten shark.

happy birthdayAnd one lucky girl’s birthday gift – I think someone loves you, Shona!

taraustralis View All

An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

10 thoughts on “Terrible name, stunning views! Leave a comment

      • Ahh I haven’t had a caramel slice in years. The vanilla slice looks delicious as well. I just found your blog, looking forward to combing through your posts! How long are you planning on traveling Aus? are you Australian?

      • Hello! The vanilla slice is to DIE for!! 🙂 we’re traveling until boredom sets in or the money runs out 🙂 also been in Australia for 8 years and am applying for Citizenship in May 🙂 this is the trip to see what it truly means to be Australian!

        Thanks for reading…And enjoy the posts – shark diving was great fun!

      • oh my gosh I’ve got the same issue. Swedes think I sound super Aussie whereas when I go visit Aus they always ask me if I’m a tourist from like South Africa or England or something. It’s weird isn’t it. It does make you feel kind of unique though.

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