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Stunning Natural Views and tasty food!

The coast of the Eyre Peninsula is gorgeous.  We didn’t expect that we were embarking on a tour of the stunning natural views like this!  This a beautiful cliff in the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

great view

And to keep us fed, we took advice from our favourite Tumby Bay residential expert  and ended up at the Colton Bakery in Elliston.  It’s just a little unmanned shop on a little country road in the middle of nowhere.

Colton Roadside BakeryThe bakery works on an honour system – Everything is four dollars and you put the cash in the pink tin.

Colton Bakery Tin Here’s a list of what they had available the day we were there.

Bread Menu

The sticky buns are fantastic!

Later that day, we ended up at the Talia Caves but a better description would be Talia view’s as the caves were more like limestone carvings out of a side of a cliff.  Talia Caves

And like every photo I took that day… didn’t need any Photoshop!

Talia CavesWe also made it to Murphy’s Haystacks.  They’re these giant granite boulders formed by rain and wind on top of a hill.

Murphy's HaystacksThey’re pretty cool formations, and having a look around, it doens’t seem like there’s anything else like it!

Murphy's HaystacksThe reason why they’re called Murphy’s Haystacks is because some guy name Murphy grew hay in the field and everyone in the field thought they were just extremely large stacks!

They're big

We heard a buzzing, and then after some investigation we found honeybees that made the haystacks their home.

BeesWe also found teeney little shells living on the side of the haystacks – now, we’re about 20k away from the ocean, so I’m not sure how they got there.

inland sea shells

taraustralis View All

An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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