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Inspecting 300 pearly whites

Oh My Gosh! We went diving with GREAT WHITE SHARKS! It was the most amazing thing we have ever done before!

Early in the morning, we were collected from my favourite hostel in the world, Port Lincoln YHA ,and taken down to catch the Calypso Shark Cage Diving boat. The boat has a great vibe, is incredibly comfortable and they really looked after us with heaps of food throughout the whole day!

Early Morning Boat Trip

We had a 70k journey south to the Neptune Islands. Neptune Island

It takes about three hours to get there… and I’m not gonna lie, if it’s a rough day you may get sea sick. Sure, it’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s also something that just happens to some people. Like, me puking on five other diver’s heads while in the cage… but i’ll get to that!

Neptune Islands is where a lot of Great Whites hang out and feed not to mention where they filmed all the underwater shots for JAWS!

Neptune Islands

There’s a big sea lion population, one of the Great White Shark’s staple foods so it’s a pretty big hunting ground for them and excellent viewing area for us!

This is the actual cage we used that separated us from the jaws of death.

Jaws of Death

And here’s a close-up of the metal separating you and a Great White Shark – it’s incredibly rigid and there’s no way a shark is getting anywhere near you when you’re in the cage. I felt super safe and don’t worry, you will too.

Shark Cage

You’ve heard the safety requirements from the skipper, the cage is bobbing in the water… they’re chumming the fish guts… you’re ready to go – wetsuit on – weight belt on and about to don your mask and regulator and climb into the cage.


That’s when it happens… It’s like everything is in slow motion. But right before you step into the cage, adrenaline kicks in and brings you back to reality – perfectly on cue, the Great White arrives and instantly EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the boat has this reaction:

Okay – so you’re second guessing yourself. Don’t. Even if you’ve never used a SCUBA regulator – that’s okay… you don’t need to have experience – they’ll go over that with you… but you’re standing there, and you gotta take the plunge, because what you’re about to see is incredible!

You’re in the cage and it looks so incredibly different than what’s on TV or what you read in the paper.

Jaws 1

They glide though the water and look at you. Did you know that they have blue eyes? They’re just as interested in you as you are in them.

Jaws 5

So, perhaps they snap and can turn into serial killers at a drop of a hat.

Jaws 2

That’s what the cage is for! But just watching them – wow!

Jaws 3

What an experience – they’re beautiful and have personalities and you’ll see them come out while bobbing up and down in the cage!

Jaws 4

That’s when it hit me. For three hours, I only felt queasy – the boat ride was a bit rough, but I was able to keep my wits and not get seasick until…

I had one of the proudest moment of my life.. and i really mean that 100%!

Puking in the cage

I puked in the shark cage and this is an actual photo with splash back. Looking back – I’ll never forget this puke – nor will the five people below me!

Then, after a hot shower we journeyed back to shore catching tuna along the way.

Tuna FishingTasty tuna and happy days!

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. This looks amazing! I so wanted to give my husband, Kurt, a cage diving trip to Port Lincoln for his birthday when we lived in Adelaide. Unfortunately, we ran out of money and time by the end of our stay. Some day…however..

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