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The best of South Australia

It’s been great to look back at our time away in South Australia and think about some of what was the best and the most *interesting things that happened during our travels… not to mention what we’d do differently and where we’d go back.

Here’s a look at some of our favourite experiences….

Our MOST FAVOURITE RANDOM moment would have to be when we found thousands upon thousands of cockatoos living in a small town called Wilmington, South Australia.

the birdsThey were noisy… but beautifully entertaining when flying to tree to tree.  It was like we were in Alfred Hitchcocks’s “The Birds” – randomly creepy!

The BEST PLACE WE STAYED was at the Port Lincoln YHA.  It was amazingly clean and friendly.  It’s by-far the best hostel we’ve stayed in the world!  And we will definitely return – hopefully soon.  The hosts, Rob and Debi are fantastic people who treat you like family!  (If you visit, tell them we sent ya!)

Good Morning from the Port Lincoln YHA

The MOST INTERESTING TOURISTY TOWN would have to be Coober Pedy – the terrain is moon-like and extremely hot.  The locals are interesting and the opal caves are really fascinating.  There’s lots of touristy things to see like Crocodile Harry’s – he was what Crocodile Dundee is based on.

The ex wife

The BEST TOURIST ATTRACTION we participated in was cage diving with Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, but also it was incredibly fun and we were really looked after.

Jaws 4You’re comfortable, well fed and entertained!  And, even if you’re not diving, you can still watch from above all the action!  We cant wait to dive in again!

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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