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Top Tips for Awesome Travel

It’s less than a week until we head out to the United States and to keep our sanity – there’s a few Aussie creature comforts we’re gonna take to help our trip proceed more smoothly. Here’s a list of the special items we’re gonna to take to the US.

1.  Aussie Power Strip

Australia four outlet power strip board

Traveling within hostels and crashing at friend’s places with Aussie plugs isn’t that much fun when you only have one adapter… so we’ve smartened up – we’re bringing with us a whole power strip with an adapter.  This should help us avoid any charging troubles we may run into with phones, laptops, and so on…

2.Car Power Adapters

dual car power adaptor

We’ve got a car charger splitter thingie that lets us charge stuff – like GPS and mobile phones.  It’s awesome for long distances and keeps our sainty!

3.  USB Adapter for the Car

usb adaptor

This will just keep your sanity since iPhone’s battery life is still pretty crap.  They’re pretty inexpensive, so it’s worth having in the end.

4.  GPS


There’s no better way to get around a place (or country you don’t really know) than with a GPS.  There’s no need for internet (like using Google Maps) so if you’re in a drop out area or have limited internet because you’re traveling, you’ll still be able to get where you’re going.

However, I have found a slight problem – coming from Australia – we’ve already got a GPS.  I was looking to load a map onto it.  But, it looks like you need to ‘buy’ the maps for the GPS.  I say “Hell No” to that because it is actually cheaper to purchase the whole GPS unit in the US for $50 USD than to pay the $90 AUD to upgrade it.  Amazing isn’t it.


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