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Fun with Airport Security

cold New York

Hello New York!

It’s frickin cold!

Like a really really cold WET kinda COLD.

Like, ‘walking out of the house, you get punched in the face and it takes your breath away from the shock’ kinda cold!


We were traveling for about 30 hours.  It’s a long clip.  Luckily, we didn’t have much luggage and were able to offload the majority of it at the airport pretty quick.  It was all fun and games until I got checked out by security.

In Sydney – I had no trouble being singled out by security.  I’m always that person who they pull over.  I’ve got blonde hair, blue eyes… and probably look like a complete security threat.  So, it’s natural for me to allow some time to be swabbed for drugs and explosives.

But, it wasn’t until I got to Los Angeles Airport and got singled out again that it got to me.

From what I was told, I was ‘singled out’ by the airline to be be ‘randomly checked.’  There’s something about being ‘singled out’ and ‘randomly checked’ that just doesn’t make sense to me.  Which is it?

Airport Scanners

I got called over to the side. The security lady took my bag away and ran it though the X-Ray machine.  So my stuff was kinda out of my line of sight as she pottered around the area.   I also decided to opt out of the human X-Ray machine because that’s extra radiation that I just don’t need.  And, that’s when I got the pat down.

I felt like I was on one of those TV shows like Banged up Abroad… where you think you’ve got a handle on stuff happening but then it goes in a completely different direction.

It takes a good 5-10 minutes for the whole process.  They wear gloves and use the front and back of their hand to check you out.  I never wear loose fitting clothing, so everything was pretty much ‘what you see is what you get’ on me – and I always have tank tops, so you can see if there’s anything on my arms… there’s no way I could be carrying anything.

She was good and explained the whole process so I knew what was happening the whole time but it’s still pretty invasive.  They do ‘touch’ you.  Your bits get touched, your boobs get touched… everything is touched.  kinda creepy.  Now, while this is happening, the other security guard dumps my bag onto the table and starts to go though it.  Like, all of it.  She goes though the wallet… …all the pockets in my bag and inspects ALL of it.

At the end you’re feeling pretty darn violated.   So, getting to New York wasn’t as awesome as I had hoped, but it just shows you, dont mess with American airport security.


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  1. Those darn yankees, they’re a suspicious bunch. None of that stuff in Epping. Have a great trip.

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