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Round II – Blending into NY

New York is an interesting city – a lot has happened since September 11.  Air travel has changed – like what happened me when we landed in New York from Sydney (via LA).  It’s no fun being ‘chosen’ by your airline to get invasive security checks…. but I guess in this day and age, it’s necessary?? GZ towerWe went to Ground Zero and just around the corner is St Paul’s chapel.  It is one of  Manhattan’s oldest public buildings still in use.  George Washington, the first American President, would come here for a bit of worship and reflection.  After 9/11, the church was used in the recovery and care of workers at the site.

GZ St Pauls

It’s a stunning place.  And, what I found so amazing is that it acts like two museums.  The old displaying things from the 1700’s and the new… exhibiting memento like these rainbow paper cranes made by the children of Japan to show their support during 9/11.
GZ a

After passing though some pretty hefty security like going though an American airport, we emerged to see the beautiful outlines of the once twin towers.

GZ 1

These aren’t just holes in the ground, but giant waterfalls with the names of every person who died here.
GZ 2

Looking around, there were all different types of people.  Young, old… There was one lady that walked around the Memorial looking like she was about to burst out crying.
GZ f

It was a pretty heavy experience.  The water falling into the footsteps of the twin towers are quite moving… and we needed a bit a relief from the heaviness… luckily, New York has street food – All different kinds.  But, the main one that is known best in New York is the hotdog and salted pretzel.  Both must be eaten with hot American mustard.  And, if you have clogged sinuses, I highly recommend it, because it will knock the snot right out of your head, or your head will explode and the people around you will hate you because the cleanup would be pretty messy.


A little walk down to Battery Park takes you to the ferry to both Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty – sadly, both were closed.  Ellis Island hasn’t recovered from Hurricane Sandy.  The damage is pretty incredible – and you can see many more pictures of what they need to do here.    But we did get to see them from afar.
Liberty b

The cops are pretty entertaining.  Traffic cops help push traffic along down at Times Square.
Time Square  TC

But what’s even funnier is seeing these mini hot-dog stand looking police carts… what the heck?
Time Square c

And like anything in Times Square – you can find just about anything… Just like this star wars trooper!

Time Square d

New York is a pretty awesome place and what better way than to celebrate on the subway with a famous ‘toyota’ jump!

Subway d

And real New York Pizza!

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