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We steal & chew buckets! FEED US ANYWAY!!!

Ever been to a wildlife safari?  Ya know the ones that you drive your car though?

feedin the animals

Well, they’re kinda frickin amazing!  We went to the Virginia Wildlife Safari on the west coast of Virginia and it was well worth it!

animal feed

We arrived for ‘feeding time’ with four buckets of animal pellets and I have never in my life laughed so hard that I was crying!

feedin animals

They have llamas, bison, emu, zebras, elk, rinos and camels and so many more that are poised, ready to eat you and your bucket!

feed the camels anyway

The camels are ‘special.’  They have mastered the art of stealing your bucket…. eating the contents, then chewing the bucket only to swallow it and expel it.  According to one of the rangers, they go through 25 a day and must have one heck of a serious digestive tract!

camels eatin plastic

A lot of the other animals have also mastered the ‘bucket stealing past time’ but without the ‘eating of the bucket’ and probably for good reason – it’s probably not too great for their bellies!

other animals eating stuff

If you’re after one heck of an amazing time, check out Virginia Safari Adventure – it’s only a few hours south of Washington, DC but well worth it!  You’ll probably drive through the safari twice!

What’s really great about this park is that it’s well taken care of.  You can see that the owners really look after the animals and also have a sense of humour.  I guess you kinda need one if you’ve got a giant camel head hanging though your car window…

big birds

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