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Trials and Tribulations in the USA

You’d never guess that traveling though a first world country would have it’s trials and tribulations – it did.  We traveled for seven weeks on the east coast of the United States and with so much to see, we hardly even scratched the surface.

East Coast USA

We had a very rough plan to stick with and made the rest up as we travelled along the way.  We visited family and friends and the rest just ‘winged it’  which made for even more of an adventure!  Who would have thought that we’d have a giant bucket eating camel in the car!

Camels Eat buckets

Or attend a NASA rocket launch!  (Yes!  I’m pointing at the rocket!)

Nasa Rocket Launch Wallops Island

But the hardest part for me was traveling around the United States with super crap internet.  We got a phone deal though T-Mobile.  It had unlimited everything – International calls, texts and internet for $60USD.  Bargain.  But what we didn’t take into account is the internet in the US is crap.  2G is abundant and 3G is as rare as hens teeth and 4G (which we have here in Australia) is close to non-existent.  So a lot of searching online was happening at Dunkin’ Donuts and any other place with internet.  Camping is another thing I didn’t realise because we never really had an internet signal at any of our campgrounds.  And since we were camping everywhere we were living like we were in the 1980 – The free internet we found at random cafe’s weren’t the best, but it did it’s job for looking up what we needed to search and writing while traveling needed to take a bit of a back seat.


So i guess what I’m saying is this… a bunch of good stuff is coming!  Stay tuned!


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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. I hear it all. I lived in Philadelphia for 13 years, so I know all about WAWA. What I NEED is Dunkin Donuts coffee. The USA store in Melbourne occasionally stock it, and when I find they have some available I buy as much as my wallet can take. Then it’s only brewed on Sundays. That first mouthful after a week of Australian coffee (junk) takes my breath away. Should we go into the cell phone plans USA v Aust, or the internet service providers v Aust. internet no-service providers, or USA customer service (all levels) v Aust. “I hate my customers” service? I could go on and on, ad nauseam, but will refrain.

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