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Best ways to get to the Gold Coast from Sydney

With so many gorgeous beaches and charming villages, the Gold Coast is the perfect spot for urbanites to unwind after a busy workweek. And, in a little over a months time, we’ll be heading north to Queensland stopping by in Gold Coast for an amazing adventure with some much warmer weather!  Luckily, there’s a few different ways to travel up there!

Fly (1.5 hours)

I'm flyin!

Flying is the most popular option for getting from Sydney to Gold Coast despite the hassle of getting to the airport, checking bags, and dealing with airport security!  Between the various carriers, including Jetstar and Qantas, there is plenty of choice on flight departure times, and if you plan ahead you can usually get a flight for under $100.  Don’t forget to budget for checked bag fees. If you are in a hurry, this is pretty much the best option for getting to the Gold Coast, without question.

Drive (11 hours)

driving shot

If you choose to drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast, it’s all about journey!  It’s a bit of a long drive along the coast – You cant do it in one day unless you’ve got two drivers.  This route is also prone to traffic delays, so be sure to budget your time appropriately. However, if you are on holiday, choosing to drive one-way can be a fun experience and worth taking your time to enjoy. Most travellers who have done the drive recommend splitting it up into 2 or 3 days.

Another great option for driving from Sydney to the Gold Coast is to hire a campervan. A campervan provides you the chance to stop anywhere along the route to cook dinner, have a nap or just have somewhere comfortable to rest when you really need it.  The best bit about this is.. there’s no tents that need to be put up – you’ll be able to stay dry and have less chance of staying at dodgy accommodation!  Also,  your stuff is just there in the back and super easy to get to no problems!

Train (11 hours)

Taking the train

Countrylink operates rail lines that will take you Sydney Central Station various stations in Queensland. The Gold Coast rail line stops at Casino, and from there a bus meets the train to take you into the Gold Coast. There are only 2 routes per day, which means this isn’t as flexible of an option, and one train is overnight, making it a rather uncomfortable trip. Economy tickets can be had for under $100; first class and sleeper class run somewhere close to $200 – the sleeper is highly recommended for the overnight trip.

Bus (16 hours)


Greyhound operates bus service from Sydney to Gold Coast from Sydney Central Station. It is a rather long trip and some would say not that comfortable, and the cost ranges from $99-$199 if booked a couple of weeks ahead of time. Similar to the train, there are two direct journeys per day, one of which is overnight. Bus tickets are often available last-minute, as flights and train can sell out – so if you’re stuck, this might be an option.

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8 thoughts on “Best ways to get to the Gold Coast from Sydney Leave a comment

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  2. Hi, I have few questions.. if u dont mind to answer? 😉

    – which is the best to travel? sydney to gold coast or gold coast to sydny?
    – if let say travelling with toddler? whats the best? campervan or flight?

    Thank you

    • Hey there… It really depends on on how much time you have and how much you want to see. I would prefer to drive because 1. you’ve got your home in your van and 2. you can stop and see things along the way. It’s a really awesome way to travel. But, sometimes you just want to get to places to flying is ultimately your way to go.

      I guess you need to figure out what kind of holiday you want.

      There are a lot of companies out there that do a $1 day relocation hire, but the problem is, you’re stuck on their time table to get the van to that city at that specific time…

      Hope that helps,


  3. You can drive from Gold Coast to Sydney in one day. I’ve done it when I just finish working the night shift at 7am and hit the road by 8.30am with my daughter.. Got to Sydney by 9pm. I wouldn’t recommended driving if you finish the night shift unless you do have two drivers but you can drive do it in one day.
    Im heading to Sydney from GC in September by car but I will leave later on the day so I can get some rest before hitting the road.

  4. Hi Tara,

    I will make a trip from Gold Coast to Sydney in Nov. I would like to get your advice for trip by bus or train, if possible.
    I would like to stop in one town in the middle between GC & Sydney. Please advice which town should stop over for a day (or 1 night)?


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