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How to get to the Bahamas for under $200!

If I said that you could vacation in the Bahamas for under $200 bucks, I bet you wouldn’t believe me… but I can say that it can be done!


We didn’t really have any set plans while in America and it made traveling fantastic for us!  If we found a super awesome place that we really liked, we were able to stay there a bit longer and since we were camping along the way, we didn’t have to worry if hotels were going to fill up!  It was brilliant!  So when we met someone who said that we could travel to the Bahamas on a cruise ship super cheap, we jumped at the chance!

Bahama cruise ships

Carnival Cruise lines were offering the best deal out of all the ships coming out of Cape Canaveral – $150 gets you a state room, three nights accommodation, table service and an all you can eat buffet open pretty much all the time.  Believe me, we never went hungry!

LobsterAlso the desserts were like works of art!

cakesBut what what you really need to know is this:  you still need to pay gratuity.  A lot of the service staff make about 78 bucks A MONTH so tips really go a long way on our boat.  At the same time, it also inflated our total cost of our trip or as we called it a 20% tax and It made us think how lucky we really were as Aussies to get a fair and decent wage not relying on tips!

Top deck of cruise ship

But, in the end, it did get us to the Bahamas with minimal effort.  We landed in Freeport for a day and Nassau and our final day was at sea.

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