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Dont knock it until you try it.

You probably think that camping is hard work… but with a bit of skill and the right stuff, it’s actually a great way to travel the United States cheaply.

Camping outside Washington DCWe traveled the United States East Coast for seven weeks – from New York down to Florida and then back to Washington DC and after getting the hang out of it, it was super easy.

We purchased a cheap tent from Target for about $40  – it sleeps two people – which was fine because there was only two of us.  We also had a blow up mattress (plus a car matress pump)  and a double sleeping bag.  The tent was warm when it needed to be and cool when it was hot and humid.

inside the tent

A lot of the campsites we went to had fire pits – surely you can purchase the wood pretty cheaply, but we just walked around different sites looking for pre-used charred firewood along with other felled branches.  All was very plentiful.

Camping site

We always carried one good torch just so you could see while getting in and out of the tent at night.  camping at nightAnd we also had a little stove and pot that we could take anywhere.  The actual top of the stove was foldable was small enough to carry everywhere.

camp stoveThe gas cost about $5 a container and would last roughly four weeks.  And the pot we found for $8.  Bargain!


We stayed at some pretty snazzy camping places – every single site we stayed at had a heated bathroom with shower – no lie!  It was incredible and we could easily get used to traveling the whole world with comfort like that!  Also, some facilities had laundry at only 75 cents a LOAD! And while you’re traveling for such a long time, it was great to get the clothes clean!


One of our favourites would have to be Fort McAllester – The people were incredibly nice and it was right next to the actual fort, so plan to stay an extra day to get the full effect of what is on offer!

Fort McAllester

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