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Mulu – welcome to the jungle

If you had a chance to live life like a David Attenborough documentary, would you do it?
Camp 5How could you  say no when you’re already in Malaysia?!

Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers

This is how we did it:

To get to Kuala Lumpur from Sydney, we flew Air Asia for under $1000 AUD return.  Then, we got lucky – a friend of a friend suggested that we check out Planet Borneo Tours and it was the best decision we could have made!

Mulu Bat Cave

From that moment on, our adventure took shape.

MuluWe flew from Miri to Mulu in a small ‘prop job’ plane – it takes about 30 mins.

Prop Job

So, you’re literally up and down in the air!  You can also take tradition water transport – that takes about 10 hours give or take a few patches of shallow rocks.  And, your boat breaking in half… but whatever.. it’s all apart of the adventure to the jungle.

Traditional LongboatsFrom there, you end up at the world heritage site in Mulu.

Jungle BridgeIt’s super authentic with hanging bridges and stuff – like you’re really in the jungle now… This bridge is actually quite sturdy compared to the others we walked across deep into the jungle.

Mulu Bat Cave

And here’s one of the cool things we checked out.  That mountain that you’re looking at is the home to the most bats in the world – over three million live there and exit the cave every night around 6pm.



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