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Your best haircut ever – overseas!

If you’ve ever been afraid to get your hair cut in a foreign country – don’t be.


I think it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences both personally and in my wallet!

My hair has been a bit unruly.  I’ve been known to only get it cut twice a year – and mixing the poor hair care with traveling, swimming in the ocean and (don’t tell anyone) hardly ever brushing it (who’s gonna care, I’m in the jungle), it was time to cash in and help it out a little.

I was in Kuala Lumpur and decided to take the plunge and by the looks of KL, it wasn’t that scary.  But, there was a slight language barrier.  He spoke enough English to get by, and I didn’t speak any Chinese.

KL Towers

There was a bit of pointing and luckily they had the ‘menu’ in English, so I decided to get a wash, cut and treatment for my poor naturally blonde locks.  (everyone always asks)

First up – the wash.  I was expecting to be wisked away to the sink for the wash. I even mentioned ‘follow you?’  Nope… he ushered me to just sit and relax.  He arrived with a bottle of water and some shampoo.

Here’s where it got a little weird.  So, I’m sitting in the chair and he starts to squirt the cool water on my head… He’s rubbing it in the most erotic circular motion that would probably be illegal in some countries.  I didn’t care and just melted in the chair.

This went on for about 30 minutes.  A squirt of water, a dab of soap and rubbing.  Somehow this pleasure maker managed to get the whole entire bottle (probably about 1 litre) of liquid to stay put on my head without dripping.  It was the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.  It reminded me when I was a kid in the tub trying to make the biggest bubble beehive ever known to man!

After the engineering fete of epic proportions was fully lathered beyond farther than any lather could go, he gestured me to the sink.  Here, I was the recipient to my second orgasmic head massage.  I wasn’t complaining.

Eventually, he brought me over the the treatment.  Again, he sprayed the whole bottle on my head and massaged it into every strand of hair.  And then, put the heating  machine to finally give my hair the much needed TLC I have been denying it for the past year.

Malaysian Treatment

Afterwards, I got what I call an “Asian Cut.”  He straightened it to the straightest I have ever seen it in my life… two guys blow drying it from scalp to tip… for at least 45 minutes – i kid you not!  And, then cut cut cut… my hair was done… beautifully done – best cut I’ve ever had…

hair remnants

And after three hours of proper pampering, my hair thanked me by looking and feeling amazing!  The cool part about it is, it was under a $100 bucks.  No, not just having my hair cut but also getting my partner’s hair cut too.  So, wash, treatment, blow-dry, women’s cut and men’s wash, cut – not to mention the most amazing head massage I’ve never gotten ever from anywhere in the US (and yes sometimes they try in Australia but haven’t met the mark of what I experienced) oh yeah, and I have long hair too (they charge extra for that in Australia – boo).

Asian Haircut

It was worth flying to KL just for the haircut – the flight was only $250 – add in the cut, and bang.. Aussie prices.



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