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The dreaded commute.

When I’m not out exploring this amazing world, I’m finding ways to pay for this expensive hobby of mine.  Work: a disgusting four letter word that everyone seems to hate.

this is work

I’m a TV Producer – so it’s not all that bad.  I get to do interesting things and feed my hunger and lust for information by having experts at my fingertips.  It’s a cool gig… but there’s parts of it that suck.

George Gregan

Take the humble commute.  Yes, I do need to be in a office from time to time… So I am lucky enough to to take a boat to work – it sweetens the deal a bit! (….and pretty exotic!)  It’s comforting to me in the mornings with the rise and fall on the waves.  But, I have found that I’m guilty of doing what everyone else in the developed world seem to do:  Burying their head in their phone.

commuting by boat

Okay – well, to be a bit defensive – I am a HUGE fan of information.  I trawl Facebook to find those really interesting posts that I’ve subscribed to.  It’s incredibly entertaining for me.  I feel like I’m quenching my thirst for information… but on the downside, I’m missing what’s happening around me.  Sure, it can be boring, but it can also be a lot of fun.

Like… look around you.  Be observant.   In the mornings is anyone talking?  Probably not.  My guess is, they’re probably stressing about being late for work.  My hunch is they’re still asleep and that’s why they’re just staring at the wall in front of them.

What else I’ve noticed is that the people in the front of the boat – they’re newbies.  They haven’t been using the ferry very long – so, they’re still enjoying the sites, wind and splash of the salty water on their face.

Sydney Harbour

Afternoons are filled with tourists and relaxed people.  The ones on the earlier ferry seem more relaxed than the later ferry perhaps because they don’t have to stay back.

And, Another non-related thing I’ve noticed – you can still pick what people looked like when they were younger.  If you look long enough without being caught, you can see some of their younger self in their old, worn, stressed out face.

I hope to keep up with my travels and work to a minimum.  It’s not good for my complexion.

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