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giant psychopathic human eating clown

Walking from North Sydney to the Inner West is a bit of a hike.  It takes about an hour and a bit.  But, the fun part is, you never know what you may find while on journey. modern Planet of the Apes

Like, you probably never thought you’d ever walk past something slightly resembling the “Planet of the Apes” building.  I didn’t…..Psychopathic clown

Or a giant psychopathic human eating clown.  It’s the eyes that are a dead give away.  Sydney Harbour Bridge

But, it’s the interesting things you find while walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge…. Ceremonious ritualThere was a bit of ceremonious worship around an odd looking monument down at Milson’s Point.  The disciples would run back and fourth huffing and puffing while expressing love to the statue though pushups and burpees. Love you PoofaceAnd, nothing says ‘love’ like a Master lock inscribed with “Love you Pooface” in the middle of the Harbour Bridge. Philadelphia?The one thing that made me think “never forget your roots” was this stretch of the Harbour Bridge.  It looks ghetto to any Sydneysider, but if you’re from the Philadelphia region like me, I think you’ll have to agree that it looks like home in a Rocky Balboa kind of sense.  (watch the clip – you’ll see what I mean)

Before I started to punch out some fist-pumps at the other end of the Harbour Bridge – I came across a tunnel with footprints on the walls.  feet on wallsIt looked like there was some sort of weird magnetic force that allows those walking through the tunnel to walk on the walls…marriage photos

And, as common as finding chips in a fish and chips shop, a bride and groom getting their photos taken in the park BEFORE the wedding.  It was a Tuesday.  Who gets married on a Tuesday?

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