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SCUBA, Sharks and Fish Rock Cave

Fish Rock Cave is one of those SCUBA dive locations you just gotta do and only a six hour drive from Sydney, you can easily get there in one weekend.  Let me tell you why we went back for more dives!


There’s a whole bunch to look at from sharks…

Grey Nurse Shark

To a bunch of different fish, eels, and crayfish!

Baby Eel

This is probably my favourite Australia dive I’ve done.  Have a look:

Okay, so how do you get to do this awesome dive?  You need to book with Fish Rock Dive Centre in South West Rocks.  Don’t waste your time with any other dive company.  Fish Rock Dive Centre are completely professional.  They keep the groups small for safety and that also helps increase what you see on your dive.   They also give you the actual photos taken on your dive by the dive masters, too!   Check out their reviews at Tripadvisor.


Now, I won’t give away all the cool stuff you’ll see but I will tell you this – if you’re after a shark experience, this is the one you’re after.  At about 24 meters in front of the cave entrance, if you’re still enough the sharks will come up close enough to touch.  Now, you can’t touch them because Grey Nurse Sharks are endangered, but it’s kinda pretty awesome and gives you some nifty bragging rights at the office.


Then, the second dive, you go though the cave.  The cave goes on for over 100 meters and there’s lots to see.  Most of the cave is eight meters tall, but some parts are only as wide as both your arms.  And, the best bit is the end…. when the exit opens up, it’s an amazing site.

caveWow.  The photo doesn’t do it justice.

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