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Nimbin, by way of the Rainbow Region


To most straight Australians, Nimbin has a bad name – it’s full of pot smoking, lazy humans who are a drain on society.  But if you’re open minded, you’ll see a very different side to it… Nimbin is beautiful and creative! It’s a little village about 352 people give or take one or two… It’s about an hours drive from Byron Bay.

Nimbin Bus

(And yes, there are a few bus services that take you to and from for as low as $30 and that includes lunch!)

Nimbin Street Find

Locals consider Nimbin as ‘little Amsterdam’ due to their unique cannabis culture. Every year they throw the Nimbin Mardi Grass were Australians come together and celebrate pot culture… But, it’s far from being anywhere close to Amsterdam… there’s only a little strip of buildings in a valley of surrounding mountains – much different from the hustle and bustle of busy and modern Amsterdam.


Driving in to the little town, you’ll see notice rainbows and art everywhere. A lot of the shops and cafe’s are cannabis themed, too. And, people standing on the street will ask you if you’re after pot, edibles or pills.

Hippie Combi

The best part of Nimbin would have to be the Nimbin Museum. They sum up how the museum came to be quite well on their website welcome page: “The Nimbin Museum was a whacky idea that popped up sitting on a composting dunny in the jungle on a hippie commune”


It’s a former shop turned giant art installation.Nimbin Museum

Every room tells a story with incredible detail.

Nimbin Museum

Just look at this.. incredible!

Nimbin Museum

I found a lot of it quite fascinating.  Like Bob Dylan’s inspiration to  little ol’ Nimbin.  I can’t find if Dylan ever played in Nimbin, but he did go to Byron which isn’t far away.    Nimbin Museum

Nimbin Museum Nimbin Museum IMG_0488 Nimbin Museum Nimbin Museum

The area surrounding Nimbin is considered the ‘rainbow region.’ It’s gorgeous with green rolling hills with hippie communes doting the ridges.  It’s easy to get to and there’s lots of places to stay – from camping to hostels and communes and local National Parks.  If you’re open minded, you’re set!

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