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Cremorne Point Manor

Sydney is one of those magical cities; it’s got the sunshine and surf close by and you’ll probably be able to find a fantastic cup of coffee anywhere that’s not labeled a Starbucks! But if you’re not from Sydney, where can you stay that quiet and away from the city but where you can easily get into the city?

Sydney at Dusk

Sure, you’ve got your overpriced hotels in the heart of the city and some pretty great hotels, but if you’re after something a bit more imitate and not over the top, then I’d consider The Cremorne Point Manor. It is just an eight minute ferry ride to Circular Quay.

Cremorne Point ManorIt’s got all the comforts of home.  The beds are comfortable, the rooms are roomy and the staff and quite helpful.  What I found quite soothing is it’s on a very quiet street and there’s ample street parking for those who travel by car.

Cremorne StreetThere is a lovely seated area just outside where you can enjoy the gorgeous view.

Cremorne ViewOne of my favourite parts of the Cremorne Point is the windows.  The actually open, so you can get a fantastic breeze from over the harbour!

CremorneAnd just a 3 minute walk down the hill, is a gorgeous little park great for watching the sunset!

Cremorne Park

You can also head around the corner to the ferry and take that into the city for dinner.  Or, if you do have transport, you can head up the hill to Military Road and find something there.

Overall, it’s an incredible place.  So, if you’re looking to come to Sydney, here is one less stress on your itinerary.  Cremorne Point Manor will be your home away from home.

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