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Jucy Relocation Vans are awesome!

For years I have always wanted to relocate a camper van!  Why?  They’re cheap, they’re cheerful and they have everything you need for an EPIC adventure!

van pickup

We landed in Las Vegas and after two days getting over jet lag, we found a $1/day van to take us on an adventure to San Francisco!  We had the car for five days and 600 miles were already included in the total cost, so all up with the hardcore insurance we paid a mere $87.50!

The guys at the Las Vegas Jucy rental location were fantastic!  They showed us all the in’s and out’s of the van and we were well on our way!

Juicy TaraOur first night we found a pretty sweet free campsite right off the main road in a National Park next to a little creek.

juicy creek

But after sleeping in the top of the van, the morning’s view was much different.


We had a sleeper snow cell drop epic amounts of snow on top of us while we slept on the top of the van.  If you look really hard you can see our hunting friends sound asleep under a few tents by the picnic table!

snowy juicyAfter a bit of a dust off and heating up the car, we were off to a much warmer San Francisco!

Would I hire a Jucy Van relocation van again?  Yes!  Would I hire it at the full price?  Absolutely!  With a refrigerator, kitchen sink, propane burners, covered top tent and inside full size bed inside the actual van with curtains – how could I say no?

kitchen sink

The only down side is they’re not located on the East Coast as of yet!  Hurry up, Jucy!


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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. Hey guys! I was the girl giving you the DVDs in Las Vegas, when you picked up your JUCY-car. Hope you guys had fun AND I am a bit jealous you paid A LOT LESS than I did for the car 😀

    Bye, Marion

    • Hey hey! We got lucky only because it was incredibly last minute when we booked. Plus, they needed the car in San Fran… We currently have a rental van (too hard to purchase a car in CA and have fully decked it out!). Now we are on the east coast somewhere in Florida and then heading north to give up out van :-(. It’s been fun though!! Xo

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