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The Land of Oz

There is a little place located in the mountains of western North Carolina that you would never expect.

It’s called the Land of Oz.

Tin Man

This is where you can experience Dorothy’s magical trip first hand by skipping down the yellow brick road.

yellow brick road

Take a walk though Dorothy’s house and experience the aftermath of the Kansas tornado.  Just see if you can stay up on your feet!


And then after you find the horse of a different colour, follow the little munchkins down the yellow brick road!

horse of a different colour

The Land of Oz is open once a year and only for the weekend only.  The event does sell out quickly, so if you would like to join the fun, you’ll need to get your tickets soon.


But, if you want to experience The Land of Oz first hand, you can always stay among a whole collection of original Oz artifacts…. right on the Land of Oz property.  artifacts artifacts5 artifactsThere are also fun things to do around the area like skiing, hiking, fishing and river rafting.


And some of the best views of North Carolina.

taraustralis View All

An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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