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What is Homesteading?

TurkeysMost of the general population is blissfuly unaware of where their food comes from and for good reason – the conditions are anything from special.  No one wants to talk about the terrible confined living conditions of an animal that is basically dying to provide a meal for you.  Factory farms are pretty much the most economic way to raise meats for sale to the general consumer.  As a part time vegetarian, I only eat meat once every few months but my meat needs to come from either an organic institution or a homesteader.  But what is homesteading?  turkeys

I went off the beaten travel path and visited a homestead in rural North Carolina, USA to find out more about what it takes to be a homesteader.  

And also for your viewing pleasure, I added a bonus extra of GobblePro – a day in the life of a turkey.  


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