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Farm Fair!

Farm fairs are extremely American, but in the South, they’re a way of life.  The Dixie Classic Fair was started in 1882 as a grain exposition.  Back then, it was called a different name but after merging with the Piedmont Tobacco Fair, it relocated to Winston Salem, North Carolina and renamed the Dixie Classic!

FarmfairFrom tractor pulls, to the latest trucks…

FarmfairThe Dixie Classic has a bunch of animals too. Farm FairAnd there’s even a pig race.

But what’s incredible is what people eat at the farm fair!

Farm FairFarm FairGator, Shark, Shrimp, Chicken there’s even Pig Butt – whatever that is!Farm FairAnd everything gets deep friend.  I mean everything.  Farm Fair

But it seems like an all around great time if you’re looking for something different.  They have great country western singers and rides galore!  It is everything country!Farm FairMost counties in the states regardless of if you’re in the North or South, will have a county fair.  Some are in the spring or during the harvest season, so it’s best to surf the web for a location near you!  But if you’re after the Dixie County fair, click here!

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