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How not to get murdered in a hostel

cool place What’s your most unique hostel experience?  Was it sleeping six meters underground in the middle of the outback or, perhaps it was the time you stayed in a hostel in Paris where you could enjoy million dollar views of the Eiffel Tower and the surrounds all from the seat of the toilet.  Paris Toilet ViewRegardless, there are some incredibly unique hostels around the world that give their patrons an experience of a lifetime.  But, it seems that the United States is still slightly lacking in catering to this group of unique travellers.

Good Morning from the Port Lincoln YHASo, how do you find a good hostel without feeling like you’re about to get murdered in your sleep?

1.  Research – be sure to check hostel and travel webpage reviews about the hostels in the area.  Look at the photos and read the reviews but be sure to look past the winging of travellers who just don’t understand what a hostel is.

2.  When you arrive at the hostel, check out the room.  If you don’t need to book in advance, don’t.  There are some webpages that will tell you how many rooms and beds are available.  This gives you an out incase the place isn’t to your satisfaction.  Then, you can leave and find somewhere you’re comfortable.

3. If you do decide to stay, pick an appropriate room.  Do you want to be in a same sex room, or co-ed room.  If you choose co-ed, be prepared for that random 40 year old German guy to walk around naked to the bathroom late at night.  Be aware that some people have much different ideas when it comes to a hostel.

4.  Know your surroundings.  Find a local restaurant that looks legit and ask them how safe the area is.  Nine times out of ten, they’ll be honest, but also, use your gut feeling.  Do the streets feel safe to you?  Regardless, keep your guard up, but you might now be able to chose the safest way back to the hostel.

5. If you are traveling solo – good on you!  For extra security try and buddy up with a likeminded guest that you get along with.  This will give you more support and another way you can look out for each other.

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