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Taraustralis reports for the ESA!

DSA1Glowing-1024x683It’s happening again!  Taraustralis is heading to Perth to attend the European Space Agency’s #SocialSpaceWA event.  15 social media rockstars from around the world have been chosen to attend the inauguration ceremony of the 4.5 meter acquisition antenna hosted by the ESA in New Norcia, Western Australia!  jodie-foster-contact

I will absolutely be channeling my inner “Dr. Elanor Arroway” and whilst there…. because this is basically a super awesome deep space dish that talks to a bunch of really cool man-made space stuff that’s floating around that’s either looking after the earth, studying other planets or are looking for little green men. ::DEEP BREATH:: OMG – That was the best most super awesome  run-on sentence in the whole universe!

I’ll be reporting via many social media platforms like Twitter, Periscope, Instagram, FaceBook and  You can follow this exciting experience by doing a search for @taraustralis.

And, whilst there – never fear – I’ll also be on the lookout for little green men!  Fingers crossed!

Other cool tags to follow are @europeanspaceagency and @Social4Space.




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