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Cronulla Sand Dunes

If you’re in the Sydney area and are looking for a really unique challenging workout, the Cronulla sand dunes is pretty much your answer.

A bunch of us from F45 Glebe in Sydney piled into our party wagons and drove an easy 45 minutes south.  From there, we found a massive carpark that was still pretty empty.

About a 10 minute walk, the most epic sand dunes appeared.  If you’re after a bit of dune sledding close to Sydney, this is one of the best places to do it.  IMG_3301

Instead of dune sledding we thought it would be way more fun to be local legends by actually running it.  Talk about an epic work out.  At first you rock up to the dunes thinking you’re super fit only to realise that a quarter of the way though, you’re doubting yourself.  You’re also reconsidering what you ate for breakfast and why you decided to do the Hollywood session at all.  See those little dots, they’re people! IMG_3302.jpg

After a two laps, you’re pretty much ready to die.  The next best idea to cure your death hangover is a swim.  Luckily, the ocean is less than 200 meters from the carpark.  A quick change and into the water you go.  Feeling refreshed, you start to trash talk how you can take on the dunes again… but deep down, you seriously know that your body will be reminding you of your silly idea to run the dunes at all with a lot of soreness.IMG_3303.jpg

After a few hours of awesome… go for a wander in Cronulla.  You’ll thank me later.  Cronulla is a little bit like Manly and a little bit like Byron – people don’t race around like they do in Sydney.  They take their time and parking isn’t a nightmare.  The cafe’s seem really high quality and the food is pretty fabbo.  IMG_3305.jpg

Get out of Sydney and see a bit more of what the surrounding areas have to offer.  Cronulla is worth it.

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