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F45 Playoffs

So, for the past six months, I’ve been doing this hard-core high-intensity team training called F45.  It’s pretty awesome.  Seriously.  It’s probably the best sort of exercise I’ve ever done in my life.  Like, I’m talking it’s beats the crap out of bootcamps, personal trainers, lunchtime group exercise….  It seriously packs one of the biggest punches I’ve ever experienced – EVER.  This is a huge call and I really mean it.  12795477_10207980960937551_8143086253925770142_n

Yesterday at Manly beach, just a ferry ride away from Sydney,  a group of about 20 of us from my F45 gym in Glebe attended the F45 Playoffs.  Basically, it’s the biggest fitness test of your life. You go all out like a  crazy person for a whopping ten minutes straight with  a few thousand eyeballs staring at you.  Oh, and it’s not even that…. you’re on a frickin stage… A  DOUBLE DECKER STAGE… there’s announcers, there’s umpires yelling at you… this is FULL-ON.

IMG_3527You start on the top of the stage on the rower to get the blood pumping and if you don’t pace yourself, it’ll set you up for failure for the rest of the nine exercises.

IMG_3400Did I mention that thousands of people are watching you?  Yeah, don’t sweat it… you won’t even know that they’re there because you’ll be fighting off stars and dizzy spells.  And, don’t forget that you’re on the top of the platform and you gotta take the friggin fire pole down to finish off with the final six exercises.  Seriously.  A FIRE POLE.  (Luckily, I didn’t lose any skin off my abs.)  I was conscious to lean back on the fire pole all whilst attempting to not pass out from exhaustion.   I was also very conscious that I had to look ‘cool’ because that’s why we’re there, right?  To look cool?

IMG_3552Well, apparently, it turns out that I’m fit.  Who knew.  Really.  I had no idea.  We had three teams compete yesterday and our elite team  took out third place at the end of yesterday – Australia wide.   They smashed it.  I can only imagine what next year is gonna be like.

IMG_3535My other reason why I love the F45 #TeamGlebe is because they’re like family.  Once you join and attend a few classes, you are in a fraternity of fitness.  You want to go to the gym after work, not only to work out but to see everyone and they also want to see you.  We actually all hang out together outside the gym.  We do fun group activities like running the Cronulla Sand Dunes.  It’s a huge support system of likeminded very cool people that you just want to hang out with.  We’re all different shapes and sizes and we all come from different backgrounds.  We’re all different ages and no one seems to care.  We all get along and we’re all really close friends.  12719541_10156494886935307_2003837187802854671_o

If you’re new to the area and want to meet people or are just trying fitness out for the very first time – absolutely give F45 a go.  I’d say my gym is quite possibly the best one in Australia, but perhaps I’m super partial because I’ve had such a great experience.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  GO #TEAMGLEBE!IMG_3485

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