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Canberra doesn’t suck

This little packet of sweets quite possibly sums up my four days in Canberra.  It was short-lived, very sweet and absolutely didn’t suck.  IMG_4709.JPGCanberra is a quiet little country town that just happens to be the nation’s capital.  From world class museums, to festivals galore – it’s got entertainment, but it’s no Washington, DC.  I found one building that freakishly resembled the John F Kennedy Center for Preforming Arts.  It’s quite smaller in size, but it is  just across the water – just like in Washington DC.

Canberra is more like a quaint university town in America.  If you think about it, that’s not all that bad.  The roads are incredible with little wear and tear and there are bicycling lanes galore.   So, I decided to try bicycling Canberra for myself.

I used a combination of roads and bike paths and from what I experienced, you can pretty much get anywhere with hardly and I mean hardly any traffic.  In pure, simple terms… there’s really a low chance of dying.  I felt absolutely safe cycling around the city, and it seemed that everyone was totally cool with me cycling!  Another thing that may help is, the roads are pretty wide and vast and there’s not many kamikaze drivers with a vendetta like in Sydney.

Whilst exploring,  found a cool festival that was absolutely going off at the Canberra Yacht Club.  Luckily for me, they had beer so I was able to drink away the pain of having a flat tyre after a 20k spin around the city. FullSizeRender 2.jpgSince there’s no odd lock out laws like in Sydney, the nightlife is pretty spot on too – Good Friday and Easter night, there were places to go and hang out.  I somehow managed to devour this freakshake from Patissez.  To be honest – it was amazing and  I think it’ll take a whole year until I actually want to try another one – there was just that much sugar in it.  Also, my sugar high kicked in straight away!

Canberra is also host to the best coffee in Australia.  We hit up the ONA Coffee House and were not disappointed.   ONA has a few locations around the city, but decided on testing out the Fyshwick.  The brekky was amazing but the coffee was smooth – I made sure to take a roadie for the return Sydney journey.

From Canberra to Sydney, it’s all up about three hours in total.  There’s wineries galore and the Big Merino you can stop off at along the way.  But, if you want to avoid the Campbelltown-Sydney traffic, you’ll want to leave Canberra early in the morning.  Everyone and their grandmother will be on the roads in the arvo, so be smart – you can spend up to six hours in Sydney traffic.  IMG_4725.JPG

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