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Chocolate on the High Seas!

OMG.  You’ll never look at chocolate the same way again. Seriously.  This is probably by far the most unique cruise I have ever heard.  Ever.  Princess Cruise Line is offering a pretty sweet chocolate cruise – that’s right!  You can be become the chocolate connoisseur of your next adventure!  It’s called Chocolate JourneysSM and forget everything you know right now about chocolate because this will revolutionise your life.

Sophie Anderson from, a local Sydney travel company, absolutely loves the Princess Cruises chocolate experience! “You’ll be tasting the most decadent, hand-crafted treats from Norman Love whilst you are literally eating your way around the world!”   And these little treats don’t just taste magical, they’re little works of art!  I can’t believe how truly incredible each dessert looks!  Oh, and if you think of a really creative dessert that you want to try, that desert probably already exists.  These chocolate artisans will take you on your very own premium chocolate experience!   What’s even better is, there’s a 24 hour international cafe where you can literally sneak down for a midnight chocolate snack!  Oh, and don’t worry… there’s a new dessert every day for you to try… It’s kinda like you’ll never need to leave the dessert bar – ever!

Now, there’s heaps of other things you can do too – there’s afternoon tea, and also a chocolate and wine tasting where you can get your favourite chocolate paid with your new favourite wine – it’s kinda sounds like a win, win to me!

And, if you’ve had enough eating chocolate, your chocolate journey doesn’t need to stop there – there is a one of a kind chocolate body treatment in the spa!  Seriously, I’m not kidding.  They will slater chocolate all over your body.  It’s truly one of the most unique spa treatments I have ever heard of – ever!

Princess Cruises offers heaps of packages to choose from so there’s pretty much something for everyone in your group.  If you’re looking to book your next seafaring chocolate experience, check with your cruise travel agent or you can even check out!  Your tastebuds will definitely not be disappointed!  chocolate_wine_tasting


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