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Minnehaha Falls

Just shy of a few hours away from Sydney is a great spot for the perfect waterfall hike. Minnehaha Falls is a  good ol’ fashioned Aussie swimming hole and it’s in Katoomba.IMG_5039Depending on where you park, it’ll be a short and easy walk.  You don’t need to be “stair master fit” to enjoy this little gem of a place – It’s pretty much a walk for everyone who is able to climb a few stairs.  There is the occasional cliff, so don’t be the idiot in the group and lean too far over the edge as you could fall down to an impending death.IMG_5008The views are great from all around, and the little goat trail will zig zag down to the base of the waterfall.  Also, along the way, are seats for you to chill as you attempt to look cool whilst  catching your breath. And…  there’s lizards galore everywhere you look!

When you get to the water, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is about 5 degrees cooler in the ravine.  What else you’ll notice is that the water is effing cold… Like, if you’re a dude, your voice will probably go up a few octaves.  So, guys, if you’re looking to impress your pretty lady friend, be sure to bring a healthy, yet contouring layer of blubber because you’ll need it.IMG_5038For the more adventurous thrill seekers in the group, be sure to bring your upper body strength.  Yes, you’ll be able to go midway up the waterfall, but do expect death defying, slippery rocks.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you did all those extra pushups because your arms will be a big help.

When you get to the top of the waterfall, the view is totally worth it. 

Getting up is never the hard part, it’s the coming down which is the bigger problem!  It’s most doable, but just be smart about it – it’s not easy to get an extremely dramatic helicopter lift into these areas.  Yes, very cool, but just not that easy….

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