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The Pushie Playlist!

For the past few months I’ve been training like an absolute BEAST.  Fitness training is  NOT easy – it never is – it sucks a lot of the time… but I’ve found a few tricks that work for me that’s has given me a boost to keep going.  One tip that I hold dear is music.  Music sets the pace but it also gives you something to think about when you’re running.  Sure, your mind can go into over drive or you can totally zone out…. or you can channel it… for me I’ve been channeling some serious thought patterns whilst running.  I’ve been using it for a time to reflect and set some goals too!

These are the songs that I hold dear to my heart.  These are the songs that have pushed my body further than ever before.  There’s a whole lot of “thanks” I need to give to these songs and artists who have seriously helped me get so fit.  So, to all the amazing artists out there – thank you.  You’re all truly inspiring.

Want to get out of bed in the morning?  Easy.


This song is for you:  Morning, Morning by  Corner Boy –  This local Wexford, Ireland band packs the ultimate punch in both creativity and a leg pumping beat –  If the vocals don’t make you run faster, the only other thing that could might be a rhino or bull elephant chasing you – I’d run faster  – for sure… You’ll probably sport a permanent drop-jaw when you hear the range of the vocals so don’t worry if people are looking at you funny when you’re running.  They’re also the offical band of #AroundIrelandOnAPushie and it’s thanks to them that I actually HAVE gotten out of bed to train.

And, if you’re looking to kick your pace up a notch but at the same time want to get back to your North American roots, you defo MUST check out Juda & The Lion, Kickin’ Da Leaves.  I can guarantee that you’ll try and sing along but will mess up every time!  Go on try it – you know you want to! It’s worth it !  Check it out!

One Republic’s Good Life is kinda my life.  It’s a reminder of how far I’ve come in this world… I’m an expat from the United States and I’ve been living overseas in Sydney, Australia for over ten years. I’ve got friends all over the world that I miss dearly and I’m really excited knowing there’s a bunch of friends out there that I haven’t even met yet.  This is one of those songs that makes you realise why you do the things you do… Like, me going around Ireland on a bicycle.   Crazy, right?  But this song kinda reminds me, it’s ok to be crazy because it’s all about the people we meet and where we wind up!

Another One Republic song that REALLY means a lot to me is called Feel Again.  Sometimes we forget to feel – we just go though the motions of life without actually feeling – go to work, eat sleep, rinse, repeat….  I see it every day.  People in their cars, trains and busses just commuting.  It’s not their fault and we think we’re feeling but we’re actually not.  Feel Again is the song that gave me the idea to write about all the songs that have made me PUSH my fitness trainig REALLY HARD that I was going #AroundIrelandOnAPushie for a reason.  It’s really cool to have a song like that just keeps you going.

If there’s one song that seriously sums up life, I’d give the award to Matt Hires with A to B.  You’re totally right, Matt.  “Darling, nothing ever goes exactly how you planned it.”  And yes, we’re all gonna die… And I love the fact that you totally pointed out that “you can live your life walking in straight line” (and we all know that it will be as boring as batshit) and “it’s the traveling, not the road that gets you there.” I don’t really need to say more… You pretty much wrote exactly how I feel about your song verbatim.  Kudos to you, mate…. You’re a total badass at this ‘life thing.’ Thank you.

I nearly forgot to include this song, but I actually think it’s really important.  It’s called Hall of Fame by  The Script but not for the reason you think.  What I have taken from running endless hours with this song playing is more like… you can be whatever you want.. YOU CAN DO amazing things –  you just actually need to actually DO them; it’s YOUR hall of fame – no one else’s hall of fame. Well, that’s what it means to me.  You get out of it what you put into it. Like the lyrics say…”Dedicate yourself and you can find yourself.”  You are your only true champion.  There’s a whole lot of awesome that can be done if you only just put  energy into it.

Other great songs worth mentioning:

Mike Dignam – Great Escape 

Jason Maraz – Living in the Moment Jason 

Avalanche City – Love Love Love

The Score – Oh My Love 

Josh Garrels – Farther Along 

Corner Boy – Untie the Noose 

Here’s the spotify playlist:

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 7.34.29 PM.png

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