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15 days to go until #AroundIrelandOnAPushie

I’m 15 days out and I’ve realised something:  #AroundIrelandOnAPushie isn’t a holiday that you can predict what may happen; It’s kinda one of those adventures that you won’t really know what’s going to happen until it happens.

I’ve been training and prepping like mad – planning for every possible outcome that may happen, but you know what… I can’t.  I’ve figured out that this isn’t a holiday that comes with it’s own glossy brochure.  Sure, there’s heaps of cool images and information on Ireland, but this isn’t really an “off the shelf” adventure.  This won’t be a cruisy holiday where I’ll be at a luxury resort for a week with all you can drink alcohol….  this is gonna be hard work.. but you know what?  I don’t want it to be any other way!

I have lovingly deemed this adventure a “Fitness Contiki tour with over four million people I haven’t met yet” and I think it’s pretty close to on point.  It’s gonna be pretty amazing! IMG_7572.JPG But, just this past week, I’ve been a bit nervous.  I NEVER get nervous about travel – EVER.  I think I’ve only just realised the vast magnitude of what kind of ‘crazy’ I’ve decided to take on…  This is the first time I’ll be travelling completely amongst the elements (aka RAAAAIIIINNNNNNN) whilst completely on my own.IMG_5853.JPGI’ve travelled in camper van across America with no real destination and even went jungle trekking in Borneo, but this #AroundIrelandOnAPushie bicycling adventure is pretty massive.

I’ve even moved countries before and have literally only packed the day before departure. The actual DAY BEFORE DEPARTURE!IMG_7837Just last night, I did a test pack. I NEVER do a test pack and I have also spent countless HOURS at home just organising and researching – It’s only going to be me, the bike, my wits and the weather… and Irish rain is pretty darn spectacular at the best of times.  Luckily, I’m feeling pretty chuffed.  So far, most of my clothes fit into one pannier!  #Winning!

But last night, I decided that I would be bringing a very small backpack for the top of bicycle.  I’m feeling heaps more at ease since I’ve made this decision.  This little backpack will also help me take my clothes to Ireland.  Only so much will fit inside the bicycle box, so I will hand-carry the rest of my stuff in the backpack for 27 hours!  IMG_7916I think once I arrive in Dublin, the nerves will all settle down a bit.  These are probably nerves of anticipation.  I think it’s the lead up into the unknown that’s making the butterflies pretty active.  Luckily training helps ease the nerves!

So far, I’ve got a pretty good support crew.  Nearly half of Ireland has reached out and have offered love and support which is pretty darn amazing.  I’m pretty chuffed, so thank you!  I also had a fantastic chat with my favourite author and adventure hero, Tony Hawks.  Tony hitchhiked around Ireland with a Fridge.  It’s also really cool how many people love the idea of this adventure!  I’ve even had a few interviews on Irish and Aussie radio and I’m not even in Ireland yet!  Have a listen!



And, I just wanted to say that the tweets, e-mails, Instagram messages of support and advice as well as all the questions people have been asking have been really helpful.  It really makes me think…  so, I thank you for that.

It won’t be long now until I’ll be amongst the wild weather and wonderful scenery.  A lot of you have been saying “You’ll be grand!” Thank you.  I’m starting to feel it.  Lots of love! cutest-boy-hugs-chicken-gif



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2 thoughts on “15 days to go until #AroundIrelandOnAPushie Leave a comment

  1. Would love to follow your adventures, maybe one day I’ll get the nerve to strike out for my own!! I’m at a total loss how one would finance such an adventure but until then I’ll live vicariously through you! Be safe, have fun, and continue to follow your dreams!! What amazing stories you’ll have for your future generations!

    • Hi Denise,

      I saved a little bit of cash by going without a lot of things at home, and I travel very frugal. I stay in hostels and cook for myself whilst travelling… that’s pretty much the only way this kind of trip can be managed!

      Thanks for the love! I hope you enjoy the trip as much as I already am!


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