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The Pushie is Packed!

Um… guys… the pushie is packed.  It’s like really packed!

IMG_7994Yesterday, I took the little bike for a final spin so it could say some last goodbyes to it’s favourite haunts – namely, the gym and breakfast.  The little bike cheered me on as I quietly smashed out a 1200 calorie double session.  #Winning.


Then, I took it down to the bicycle hospital where I picked it up so many months ago… and like any good bike owner… handed it over to the bike doctors…

They gave me back the lock.. which really felt like a dog lead and collar.

Then, today I went back to pick it up.  When I saw the bicycle again, the poor little guy looked so fragile.  It was in a million pieces in what looks like a bicycle coffin en route to it’s final resting place..  it also felt like the box put on an extra 10 kilos on the bike!IMG_8033Then, we managed to squeeze the box into the car.

Next up, squeezing the bicycle onto the plane!  This is one package I don’t want to be dragging around!

Seven days to go!

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