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Final pushie questions ANSWERED!

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Since the last #AroundIrelandOnAPushie Q and A was such a hit, I couldn’t resist one last round of questions before I departed Australia – so here it goes!


Hey Martin!  Only the first few weeks are what I called “planned.”  I have only planned the first few weeks because I really want to fight as a knight and that kinda requires me to be a certain place at a certain time… otherwise, I’m happy to just cycle around and to see where I end up!  So, at the moment, all I know is I’m heading south toward Wexford!

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Hey Paddy – No tents this time.  I ruled that out since this is my first time bicycling over long distances. I’m completely new to touring… and thought since it rains so much in Ireland and I freeze to death at the best of times, I’d just stick with a nice hot shower and a comfy bed.. plus it also cuts down on the amount of gear I’ll have.  I’m a fan of hostels and Air BnB, so that’ll be my first port of call!


A workmate of mine suggested Kinsale months ago.  After a bit of research on the trusty Internet, I decided that it would be a pretty fun place to check out – and since it’s so close to Cork, why wouldn’t I drop in and say G’day!  Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 6.06.09 PM.png

Tony is my hero.  I did think about challenging myself with some sort of kitchen appliance, and that got the cogs turning… there is such a thing as a USB soda can refrigerator!  But, where would I put it… I’ve got 2×17 litre panniers, so it’s best to keep weight at a minimum.  (I ruled out the 4 pannier option for a bunch of reasons one of which has to do with hills).

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Mark, now I think you’re onto something – I am known to bake the best New York style cheesecake in the southern hemisphere, so If I could bicycle with an oven, I think I could make a lot of hungry people happy!

screen-shot-2016-09-11-at-6-09-51-pmI’ve had a lot of questions regarding a book.  I’ve already started to take notes… and I will be blogging about this entire adventure anyway… so I think you’re onto something.  I’ve been flirting with the idea of an E-Book – because the interaction could be like a “choose your own adventure.”  So far, I’ve seen this trip as a truly magical experience and I haven’t even left Sydney yet so I can only image what may happen when I get there!

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I think the people.  I’m not excited over any one thing – it’s more like a collective excitement of the overall experience.  I’m stoked that I’ll be hanging out with some fun people and exchanging stories along the way.  I don’t know what to expect really, and that’s the beauty of it.  I’m just gonna see where I wind up!

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Hey Rob, I had to work out my contact at my job and that ended just now.  I had to wait for that to happen before going on tour!  Yes, it’s gonna get cold – but luckily Australia has just had Winter so my body is well prepped for some cold weather.  I’ve also got some pretty good layers, too  – I’ll just have to wear every single item of clothing and pedal a bit faster than usual!

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