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27 hours.

So, what’s it like travelling to the other side of the world?  It sucks.  Well, ok.. it sucks how your body feels like it’s been put though a meat grinder, but ultimately, it’s always worth it when you reach your destination.


This is the first time I have EVER prepped so much for a holiday.  Mind you, I was going for 3 months, but what made it even more epic was that my entire life needed to fit into 2×17 litre panniers.

It took  a whopping 27 hours to get to Dublin from Sydney, Australia and you know what, and its worth every minute.

This is the breakdown: I took a gamble and booked an Uber to the airport.  I wasn’t quite sure if my bicycle box would fit in their car, but as the saying goes, you don’t know unless you try… after a bit of manoeuvring, it fit.

Whilst in Sydney, I sled pushed 23 kilos of awesome like a badass for about 300 meters (thanks F45) to the oversized baggage collection area.  (I’ve still got it)

After a few fond farewell’s to 3 months of my entire life packed in a box that may or may NOT make it to Dublin, I headed off in search of coffee and clearing customs!

Hot Tip: If you purchase any goods in Sydney that are over $300 Aussie dollars, you can get the GST back.  You can either use the iPhone application which is a very quick process (also bring your receipts) or you can do it by hand, which is a pain in the arse and takes for evarrrrr… (and you’ll still need your receipts)

I boarded the plane without any dramas – coffee in hand and 27 hours of flight ahead of me.  Next stop Dubai.

Hot Tip: Whilst travelling on long haul fights, anything you can do to sleep on the flight, your body will thank you when you reach your destination.  For example, book the BACK of the plane.. for some reason, nobody likes the back of the plane, but I always find it the emptiest so I’m able to spread out more.


Dubai was painless – only a very quick refuel, and a walk though security… and then we were off to London!  Thanks to Dubai’s wireless internet, I was able to catch up with one of my American mate’s that was at the Doha airport. YAY internet!

Flying to London was only another 5 more hours… which is kinda annoying when you’re an Aussie.  We always settle in for the long haul since we’re from the middle of nowhere, Pacific Ocean, so it’s  bit difficult to try and sleep.IMG_8175.jpg

Heathrow is a bit of a logistical nightmare – but it has been ever since I can remember.  Even if you’re travelling to the Republic of Ireland, you still need to go though UK immigration. And, with the ridiculous amount of people, you’ll basically stand in one massive ‘line’ until someone calls your flight and then you get expedited though customs.   img_8173

Then, when you make it to Dublin, you’ll need to head though customs again.  The Irish customs officers are quite nice, jovial people.  The lines go quickly and the wooden decor on the immigration windows make you feel welcomed enough to order a pint of Guinness whilst getting your passport stamped!IMG_8181.jpg

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An Aussie girl gone walkabout in the great big world!

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  1. Watching with envy “whilst” enjoying the fact my own young daughter is not quite the adventurer I do so admire in you lol! Go get Ireland!

  2. Hey Tara,
    Glad you made it there safely.
    I look forward to catching up with your exploits whilst I’m working (‘whilst’ is a top word).

  3. Tara why the feck did you subject yourself to the Heathrow hellhole, Emirates fly direct to Dublin from Dubai. Enjoy the biking and beer but rather you than me cycling up the west coast in Oc√ober

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