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OMG – I just co-hosted a radio show

The day had finally come.  This was the day I was going to be co-hosting South East Radio’s All Request Lunch with Tony Scott in Wexford, Ireland! 

For months, thanks to social media, Tony and I had been bantering back and fourth talking about bicycling around Ireland.  And then, it finally happened – Tony Scott had me on his show.  This is what happened:

First of all, it was not nerve-wracking at all  (ok, maybe a little).  giphy

I think what helped is I’ve got an unfair advantage because I work in television as a Producer and kinda have an idea on how it works… or, maybe it’s because a few weeks previous, I had an interview on South East Radio all the way from Sydney, Australia.  The interview was just over the phone but, what’s really cool is, whilst off the air, I felt like they were preparing me for surgery – in a good way. giphy-1.gif

Lorraine and Tony calmed my nerves and told me everything was going to be alright (right before they put me under the live radio anaesthetic – gulp!) – This was my very first radio interview about #AroundIrelandOnAPushie and I didn’t want to screw it up! After a few minutes, it felt nothing like having my wisdom teeth out…  it was more like a super quick pinch and poof! It was all over!  Piece of cake really!

Then, after a few more radio interviews all around Ireland over the next few weeks, Tony upped the stakes and this time HE HAD ME LIVE IN STUDIO.  OMG – what a challenge!  This was my very first in-studio radio broadcast and you know what, it wasn’t scary at all.  We had a great time!  img_8841A few days previous, I had made a passing comment on Twitter about how much I liked Irish bread.  Exhibit A:screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-6-13-40-pm

And just like magic, something like 9 loaves and a gourmet food box arrived to the radio station thanks to Wexford Food Family.  Exhibit B:


We had an off-air fashion show with my very first bicycling jersey thanks to “Safe Cycling Ireland.”  img_8832I have experienced, first hand, how really important it is to have every bit of 1.5 meters distance from bicycle to car.  Things can go wrong on the road.  There can be potholes, or even wind that can blow you into a passing car, so every bit of distance really helps! img_8813 Then, Tony made me pronounce a bunch of beautiful Irish names that I shamefully butchered (sorry everyone) and we had a great time all around.

If you’re wondering which bread reigned supreme, it was the Homemade Brown!

img_8819Thanks goes out to, Tony Scott, South East Radio, the Wexford Food Family and pretty much all of Wexford, for making me feel like family!  It was a magical day and I had a great time!

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