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What it’s like being on TV!

TV is fun.  There’s lights, cameras and action.  But, what really goes into making a TV show?  Normally, I’m the person behind the camera and I’m a HUGE fan of that.  But, recently, I was invited by TV3’s Seven O’Clock Show to talk about #AroundIrelandOnAPushie.  So, If you’re ever on TV, this is kinda the break down of what you could expect:

The producer will get in touch with you and ask a bunch of questions.  After a few days, or a few hours, they’ll get back to you and if you’re successful, you’ll be on the show!

I was down in Wexford, Ireland when  I got the phone call that they’d like to have me on the show.  So, I had to make my way to Dublin to be live on the Seven O’Clock set!  img_8994The train was only two and a half hours to get to Dublin – this took me FOUR DAYS to bicycle!  Then, when I made it into the train station, I bicycled to the TV3 studio!  It was actually a fantastic commute with great bicycle lanes pretty much the entire way!  Cars were at a stand still!  I copped a few evil eyes, as I breezed right though on my bike!

The other guests had arrived at the same time, so I was in very good company – we all signed in, chilled and chatted behind stage. The bike stuck with me the entire time!  img_9015After two weeks of no hairdryer and being exposed to all the Irish elements, when I had the opportunity to get my face fixed and give my hair some love, I took it and it was awesome.  OMG, so good.  My hair went from drab to TV fab!  img_9012Then, the producers briefed us all with the show’s run down and we went on set.   They’ll normally run down what the hosts may talk about on the show… so, it’s really no surprise.

We were still sitting behind the cameras which is great because this is a great opportunity to se how the show plays out and know what to expect when you’re actually on the couch.  img_9018Then, the time had come.  This was the moment I was going to talk about #AroundIrelandOnAPushie!

One thing to realise when you’re on television is, even though there’s lights and the cameras are big and scary and the floor manager is gawking at you,  you don’t have to be nervous – because you’re just having a normal conversation with a normal person asking questions the producer has already briefed you on.  And remember, you’re talking about something that you know a lot about.  THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT.  You’ve so got this!  img_8786We had a bit of a banter, I spoke about how amazing #AroundIrelandOnAPushie had been thus far.  I spoke about my most favourite moments, like speaking with the group of school kids at the Gorey Community school and all all the crazy social media invites I had been getting – including 30 weddings, a funeral and a cool dip with a bunch of nudists at a Wexford beach.  I kindly declined since I am from the more tropical climates of Sydney.  img_9031Afterwards, it was a wrap!  That’s it!  Easy!

And, here’s #AroundIrelandOnAPushie on the Seven O’Clock Show!

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