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Wexford! …you beauty!

I can’t express how happy I was to FINALLY bicycle into Wexford.  The wind was ridiculous and it was getting to the point of scary.  img_8780 It was a good 50k day.  Yeah, I’m more like a 30-35k kind of girl so it was a bit of an epic ride.  But, getting to Wexford was well and truly worth it.

Wexford is right on the water and probably why it was so windy when I arrived.  It’s been called the Sunny South East of Ireland so I lovingly deemed it #Wexforina! It was a bit cold, but that did not stop a local Wexforinian from wearing super thin yoga pants and a singlet!  I was ready and rugged up for Antartica – bring your blistery wind, rain and bitter cold!  I’ve got this!

This is the face I made when I saw the coldblooded lady in question.  Seriously, it was frickin cooooollllddddddddd! But, the weather was no match to her!

img_8792I got to wander the old gorgeous streets and I’m really glad I did.

It’s a pretty magical place. I even found a bicycle that might be a serious contender for #AroundIrelandOnAPushie if something happened to my current bicycle.  She seems roadworthy!  What do you think? IMG_9003.jpgWexford even gave me an OMG moment – I discovered the ultimate Harry Potter of candy stores.  This is quite possibly the most magical candy shop I have ever been inside in my entire life and that’s a lot of life.  img_8862The smell of pure sugar hits you first, and then you’re channeling that kid in a candy store feeling because you’re actually in a pretty epic candy store.  It was amazing.

I also had the chance to hang out at a local radio station and play my part as a co-host!  You can read all about it by clicking here!  Thanks goes out to Tony Scott for being such a good sport and having me onboard!  img_8841As I spent time in Wexford, something happened.  I started to talk to people.  Like REALLY talk to people  – we had some pretty amazing chats and we talked about everything.

These are some of the people that I spent time with in Wexford that I think are pretty special:img_8854This is Ciarán and he’s awesome! Ciarán does a lot of endurance bicycling so when I asked him how long it took him to get from Wexford to Dublin, he said 4.5 hours. I nearly fell on the floor. It took me 4.5 DAYS….. 😳

Please stop in and say g’day to Ciarán at his shop! The carrot cake on offer was AMAZING!

IMG_8861.jpgThis is Butch. Butch features in my favourite book “‘round Ireland with a Fridge” by Tony Hawks. He met Tony many, many moons ago when he ran the local hostel in Wexford. We are standing in front of the hostel’s famous red door. 

Butch and I chatted about truly living life, adventure and really just living out your dreams. It was it an amazing experience to meet the man I had read about in Tony’s book so many years ago.img_8976This is Graham Doyle. He’s a Wexford local who loves his home. Graham’s business is called “The Irish Experience” and it is an Eco Adventure Tourism Company. That means he takes tourists who want to have a genuine Irish adventure to see and experience the very best of what Wexford has to offer! No kayaking for us today because the surf was pumping! 

Graham spoke about how much he loves his job and how truly amazing Wexford is. It really means a lot to him to live here and to do what he does for a living. It’s really nice to know how much he loves his job. We had a great time and a bit of a laugh. Thanks for showing me all the magical places! I had a great time!

IMG_9001.JPGAnd finally, this is Mick. Mick is the lead singer of Corner Boy. Mick took a risk a few years back and followed his passion. He now travels all over the world doing exactly what he loves to do – preforming the music he writes!  He believes in his music and is a massive supporter of all different kinds of art.
I’m starting to see that there is a great love and passion in the Irish community to be everything you can be. It’s really refreshing.

Thanks, Mick, for today’s chat and to all the people I have met along this adventure.   You’re an inspiration to us all!

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