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From Waltzing Matilda to Irish Metal

Its not every day that you get invited by an Irish metal band to check out their concert, but when you do, you go!

To put things in perspective, the metal concert was just HOURS after I spent an entire day spacing out at #SpaceUpIE talking about all things ESA and NASA.  I have been going to extremes all week, so switching the gears up was nothing new to me.

What I found absolutely hilarious was the metal venue was right next to an Aussie pub.  Talk about a massive eye roll.  I walked in and instantly felt like I was home until I saw the Foster’s beer advertisement, and promptly turned around and marched right out.

Ya see, Foster’s beer is the #1 Aussie export out of Australia – no one IN Australia drinks the stuff;  you cant even find the stuff.  Seriously.  I mean, good on Foster’s for pulling off such an epic stunt.  I commend them, but there are better beers to be had – sorry Foster’s – my name sake and all.  But yes, in fact – it was really nice seeing a bunch of true blue aussie things!

So I walked into this place with no idea what to expect.  I’ve hardly even heard metal before let alone Irish… ya know, so this is all new territory… but ya know what… img_9865I actually REALLY liked it.  This was so cool!  I mean, I had a really proud moment.  Corr Mona were performing some pretty good music and it was all in Irish.  My translator was telling me how a lot of the lyrics were about nature and I thought that this was pretty cool stuff!

So Ireland, I’m proud of you for keeping the Irish language alive and well… Is Metal music my thing?  Not really…. Is Irish metal my thing – oh hell yeah!

If you want to know more about Coor Mona, here are some links!

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